Aug 20, 2009

hi ho hi ho

School time!! The worm started K last Wed and so far isn't doing too bad. So the first day of school they had all the kindergartners in the same room together. They wanted to see how the kids interacted, who they were friends with, how hyper verses mellow they were, how they learned, ect. before deciding on which rooms to put them in. Well the worm made a friend. We will call him sworm. We call him sworm because his name is the worms name with a different letter in front of it.

Then all hell broke loose! They split up the worm and sworm (I'm guessing for name reasons) into different classrooms. This has gone over like a lead balloon! The worm doesn't care if he gets his work done and can play at the end of the day or not because "my best friend isn't here to play with" he doesn't care what happens in class because he is doing nothing but waiting until Recess and lunch when he can see sworm again. I talked to sworms mother today and she said sworm is doing the exact same thing. He also doesn't care if his work is done or not because free time at the end of the day to play with the other children doesn't include the worm. He does nothing but talk about recess and lunch time with the worm and could care less about making friends in his classroom. The worm has made a few friends, but there are only 4 boys in his classroom. Him, a little boy who has some speach issues and you can't understand, and 2 other boys who live next door to each other attended preschool together and are inseprable!

Other than the whole "they split them up" thing he is doing good, is learning to like his teacher slowly and coloring up a storm. I remember kindergarten when I went to school. I remember there was a lot of coloring, I just don't remember this much!

Now my complaint about his school. I have spent hour upon hour teaching the worm to properly form his letters, write them so you can read them, ect. His teacher goes and messes that up in 3 days worth of class time! 3 days and it's all gone! Apparently they want to kids to start curving their letters to prepare them for cursive writting. This would be fine except the n in his name somehow comes out looking like a w and I can't read half of what he writes anymore! Stupid people last I checked Kindergarten was for FUNDAMENTALS not fancy writting and "preparing for cursive" which btw how many of you actually use cursive writting in your day to day life? Not many people do!

Jul 1, 2009

Wow I'm shocked!!

I haven't been able to access my blog for awhile now. I have no idea what is going on, but blogger apparently doesn't like me that's what I figure. That's fine because with the way things have been going it would just be the worlds most depressing blog.

So, since I'm able to blog I'm sure your wondering what is new right? All depressing for the most part. Sorry.

-Might loose the house... yep foreclosure sucks! (No child support, no job= no paying the mortgage and the bank doesn't like that very much).

-The worm's daycare got a huge cut in funding and since he's going off to Kindergarten in the fall they have decided to just cut him from the program. O wait but I can pay full price if I want to keep him there instead of just having the co-pay and having him on ELI. Yeah at $210 a week! Poor people who can't afford their mortgage can't afford $210 per week!

-The dogs are feeling the stress and seriously acting out. Rocco the little $hit head pooped on the trampoline. Yep you read that correct. He drug a chair over to the side of the trampoline and climbed inside the netting and took a big ole poo right on it. He's only 20lbs!!! He drug a chair at least 20 ft across the yard! Spectacular right! It pretty much sums up my life right now. If it can go wrong it will.... including poo on the trampoline!

-Grandma died, I just realized I didn't blog that yet. So if you have lost count.. November my other grandpa died (unexpected), my 56 year old uncle (VERY unexpected, and my great grandfather (who was on his way out anyways) all passed within 36 hours of each other. Grandma died about 8 weeks ago (age 65) of an anyerism. She went to bed with a headache and was found un-responsive. The worm freaked me out bad though beacuse grandma was taken to the closest hospital. At the time we didn't know what was going on thought perhaps she had a seizure so we went to my mom's house. We were outside and the worm looked up and said "grandma is on that helicopter mommy" I said no honey grandma is at the hospital not in the helicopter they took her in an ambulance. He shurgged his shoulders and went on playing. 5 minutes later my mom calls and says "they life flighted grandma to x hospital across town I couldn't get my phone to turn on, we are almost there they left about 10 minutes ago. Ummm grandma WAS on that helicopter. Now how did he know that? Grandpa is helpless on his own so I've been super busy helping him around the house. Let me tell you that man is hopeless! He needs a full time live in nanny or something!

-The village idiot actually came last month to pick up the worm. Too bad he couldn't manage to keep his son for more than 24 hours. And he wonders why the worm doesn't want to go with him! He isn't ever around!

-The worm... O he's doing wonderful! He took grandma's death as well as to be expected, he's growing like a weed, he makes me laugh when I feel like crying, he keeps me busy and without him I would 100% be in a nut house right now after the year I've been having! Right when I think everything is on my shoulders, when I can't take anymore, when I'm about to start crying he will come up to me and say something silly. O how I love this boy! The new haircut! I was about to go nuts this day, was really stressed but really needed a laugh. Then he tell me out of no where "mommy I want a blue Mohawk..." he had an entire list of the reason why he should have one. Well a blue Mohawk my baby shall get!

Mar 2, 2009

Screen names

I was just talking to a friend of mine about screen names. It's weird how people end up with several different screen names depending on what site they are using. I know I use alot of different ones, but they are all variations of the same thing over and over again. Hers are off the wall weird! lol Perhaps I am just not creative enough?? My screen names typically involved the worm (lovinmyworm) or a variation of the nickname my friends dad calls me (bubbles) so I end up with 223bubbles (my bday and bubbles) or stphbubbles (part of my first name and bubbles). Her screen names though come from her favorite books, movies, random letters and numbers no one could possibly understand, ect. I was trying to figure out exactly how she came up with her 4598tsrt name because nothing about it made sense to me. Yeah she informed me she had a major mind blank and just typed in something random. Umm if you have a mind blank then how do you remember random numbers and letters like that? My brain is dumb and can't possibly do that!

Anyone else care to explain exactly how you got your screen names? We can talk about passwords next lol.

Seriously I do want to talk about passwords, why do some people choose to use something that everyone is going to know like the name of their dog, their kids, their address, or a stupid 1234 sort of thing? Can we not just think of something no one is going to guess? Something like seaturtleshateme? See no one would ever guess that! No instead they want to say "my account was hacked and I don't know why" when questioning them they tell you that their password is their husbands date of birth and if you knew this person for more than say 2 days you likely know that information. Even funnier is when her account was hacked the day after she posted it was her hubby's birthday. So in short please be smart people! This online thing isn't secret, it isn't private and everyone if they care to will know your buisness by the wonderful world of google!

Feb 16, 2009

Get a life people!

So I just read this news story on yahoo news. It's about 2 submarines that collided in the middle of the ocean. People are freaking out, checking the shore for evidence that nothing did leak out of the subs, blah blah blah. Seriously people this is such a freak thing it's ridiculous. A meteor is more likely to fall on your Buick while your already late for a doctors appointment than for this to happen again. Do they not realize how big the oceans are? That these things travel at different depths? Do they realize that the entire point of a submarine is to travel S-L-O-W-L-Y and quietly to not be detected! Next thing they will want every submarine to have a GPS locator on it so that other subs know where they are defeating the entire point of having them. I'm waiting for someone to find an injured duck and say that it was because these subs collided at the bottom of the ocean that this animal is injured.

Hearbroken by a single phone call

I just got a call from my former foster daughter. My heart hurts so unbelievably bad right now!

Background: She is 4 days younger than my bio son and if I could I would adopt her in a heartbeat. She was moved from my home with her sister because they must keep siblings together at all costs so they could keep their sibling bond. Nevermind that the older sister was hurting my sweet baby and that she was more bonded to me and my son than her sister and her sister is incapable of bonding with anyone. So she was moved, then they split up the siblings because her sister hurt her in a way that children's services couldn't deny the abuse. The my poor baby was moved with an aunt who lost custody of her and again she went to another foster home and moved again with her bio dad until bio dad's new wife decided she didn't like her and she entered back into foster care. So if your counting from my home she was moved 5 times from the time she left my home in 6 short months! My poor baby wants nothing more than to come back and home and I want nothing more than for this to happen also. I've had several placements and none of them have touched my heart like this one. It was like she was meant to be here. Well the state of Michigan won't cooperate and let her move back here with me. She was adopted last year by very loving people. People who were willing to give her up if it meant her coming back here with me because they too could see that is where she belonged. In the end I begged them to keep her because there was no way I could let my baby be moved to yet another family and I knew these people were good people and love her very much and that the stupid state wouldn't allow her to come back here where she belongs.

I just got a phone call from my sweet baby. It was such a simple sentence, but one that hit me in the stomach like a sucker punch. "Mommy when can I come back home?" What do I tell this child who is only 4 years old about the situation she is in. How do you tell her that her adoptive parents love her very much, that I love her also, but that the system designed to protect her won't allow her to come back home because I don't live in their state and aren't one of their foster homes. How to I explain to her the injustice she has suffered? If dfs had just allowed her to stay with me to begin with when her sister was just starting to hurt her that her skull wouldn't have been fractured, that I would have been able to fight her being moved to her aunts house, that I would have been able petition for adoption and she wouldn't have had to move 5 more times to finally be adopted by parents who while they are awesome and I couldn't ask for anything more just don't feel like her parents.

My heart hurts so bad, the tears are flowing and it literally feels like someone has kidnapped my child. Her adoptive parents know how she feels, they wish she was here but know it can't happen and listened to my pleads that they keep her and adopt. They adopted knowing that this child doesn't belong with them. They adopted knowing that I'm her mommy and that she is very bonded to me. They adopted after I pleaded with them to please keep her, love her, make sure she is safe, provide her medical care and understand that this system is broken. That conversation was so unbelieably hard for me, but I knew it was the best solution to the problem. I was so teriffied that if they didn't adopt she could hit yet another home, and perhaps I wouldn't have any contact with her after that. These people adopted a child who doesn't want to be with them because she knows where home is. Yes she calls them mommy and daddy, she thankfully doesn't have full blown RAD, but she does have some expected attachment issues. I have no idea how this family handles when she asks to call her mommy. I don't know how they handle when I see her and she stops calling her mom mommy and starts using her first name when I'm around. I don't know how they handle seeing the bond with me and yet still love her so much. I truly couldn't ask for better parents for her, they love her so fully and unconditionally, but I know it pains her mom to know that her child just doesn't really belong with her. Her mom has told me so many times how she belongs here with me, how she can see it and she feels like no matter what this will always be the case. I hurt for them, I hurt for my baby, and I hurt for all of the other kids in the system who have endured the same thing!

Thank you S for keeping my baby safe! Thank you for loving her so fully, thank you for giving her permenancy, thank you for allowing me to talk to her and see her, thank you for every hug you give her, thank you for every kiss on her forehead and for every "I love you", thank you for being my babies mommy. There are no words that can describe the gratitude I feel for you and your husband for taking my baby and loving her so fully. She will always be my baby, I will always be her mommy, but you are also her mommy. I hope one day she realizes how much she is loved, I hope one day she realizes how lucky she is to have you and your husband, how wonderful you are and what a great life she has because of you!

Feb 11, 2009

Stuffy drawers and closets

If your house is anything like mine and built more than say 15 or so years ago I'm sure you notice when you open some of your cabinets and drawers that they just don't smell fresh. They don't smell particularly bad per say, but there is a definite smell that hits you. Well the built in drawers in my closet are like this! I open them and I get a whiff of the previous owners, mothballs from about 40 years ago and no matter what I can't get rid of the smell. I tried scrubbing them, taking them outside to air out, the smell is stuck in the wood. I spent about a year trying to figure out what to do about it and now I have the answer!!!

Tea Bags! Yep you read that correctly. Apple Spice tea bags. Toss one or two of them in the closet or drawer of your choosing and every time you open it it will smell yummy. I have one hanging in every closet in my house, and in every drawer that I don't use often. Even when I take the tea bags out of the drawers and closets apparently the wood has soaked up that smell instead of what it smelled like before. YUM!

They also work great for a quick room freshener. You know those times when you want your house to smell yummy in a hurry. Candles are nice, but they take awhile to get the full smell in your home. Boil a tea bag in a pot on the stove and your entire house will smell good in less than 10 minutes! I LOVE it when my house smells good.

Feb 10, 2009


Been a long week around here.

I finally finished the last of my cleaning/organizing and feel so much better. Well that is until I walk back into my living room and notice that the worm has scattered his entire toy box all over the floor. So much for my house being totally clean, it was nice the entire 10 minutes that it lasted though. I figure if I just avoid that room I can live in denial for a bit longer. What are the chances that I can stay away from my living room for say 3 months?

The worm was sick, I mean super sick. He stopped talking and was only grunting and saying "ouch" and "go away" with the occasional "mommy help". Poor kid got a really bad stomach virus. He's better now, he's really hungry though from not eating for a few days, then going on the brat diet for 24 hours to give his belly a break that he scarfed down 3 waffles and 2 sandwiches already today.

Job hunt, why o why does it have to be this difficult? Seriously I'm skilled in healthcare, this isn't a field that goes south when the economy does the sick people are still going to be sick and yet no job in sight.

The dogs, O the lovely dogs! Gidget is driving me nuts!!!!! The chewing, the whining, Ahhhh puppies suck! She doesn't chew when I'm around, but the very second I leave the room she has found something to chew on. I tell her no, she cowars and walks away and then 10 seconds later I find the exact same item back in her mouth again. (and people wonder why I call her 10 second tom). She is so nervous all the time, I've never seen a dog that is this much of a chicken. She has some seperation anxiety and the very second I leave the house she whines. If someone drives down the road she again whines. I'm use to very dominant dogs, that is all I had growing up, Rocco is definatly a dominant dog, but this submissive, whining, nervous thing is totally new terittory for me!

That's about it for the updates. I'm going to appologize now for being boring and writting this post for you all to read even though I've just sucked up your time with nonsense.

Jan 30, 2009

Stupid snow!

I'm so sick of the snow already, it doesn't go away it just continues to blow right back over the roads. I would say I would like to live in the south, but there are far too many bugs and other critters you would have to worry about. Then you get into some parts of the south where you can't swim in the lakes and ponds because of gators, that to me sounds like torture! More torture than the snow!

Jan 29, 2009

The worm does it again

So my 4 year old says the best things! I keep him around for cheap entertainment. They say the best cure for anything is laughter, well he has me falling off my chair laughing 100 times a day.

Garage Sale:
Grandma asked mom when she was planning on having a garage sale this year? The worm looked at grandma and said "why would anyone sell a perfectly good garage?"

Our new president:
After the inauguration I asked the worm who our new president was and he told me Rocco Bama. I tried several times to explain to him that his name is Barack Obama but it didn't matter. When you have a dog named Rocco it's just too easy to say Rocco Bama instead of Barack Obama.

I then tried to explain to him that the Obama's were moving into the white house. The worm informs me that "people don't live there mommy that is an office building like where my papa works". I explained that there are offices and living spaces in that building. He looked me dead in my eye and said "mommy your lying if they lived there where would they put the noble office?" I explained that it's the Oval office and he informs me that rooms can't be shaped like that and that I'm again lying to him because he knows it's the noble office because you have to be noble to work there. (I think we need to stop messing with the boy because he always assumes we are lying to him).

Then the best part.......
My mom asked him who the president was and again he replied Rocco Bama. My step dad who is a die hard republican asked him "what happend to the last president?"

The worms response....... O it's so wonderful!!

"He's an idiot!"

When asked why he is an idiot the worm said "If he wasn't an idiot he wouldn't have lost his job".

Jan 13, 2009

How to make a new boob

So my mama dos (my best friends mom) had breast cancer last year. They took her boob off and then gave her a tummy tuck and used that skin and fat to make her a new boob. First of all the plastic surgeon... o my goodness he's gorgeous! I mean model hot!! And nice, and friendly, and makes alot of money. Hmmm the daydreams you could have about that man. Well until you realize he's gay so there really isn't any hope unless I magically spout a penis. Anyways, so they did mama dos tummy tuck and made her a new boob. When she went in she wrote on her good boob "I'm with stupid" and an arrow pointing to the breast they were suppose to operate on. She just didn't want to get them all confused and have them take off the wrong breast because she doesn't have enough fat for 2 tummy tucks. Well it made the entire operating room burst out laughing when they took her gown off. Anyways, we went 3 weeks ago to have her areola tattooed on and seriously made the tattoo guy blush. Who would have known asking to have an areola put onto your body would make someone who pierces vagina's blush. Anyways, tomorrow she goes to have her new nipple inserted. Yep, you read that correctly. They make prostetic nipples. Who would have konwn! I asked her if she could get me it's mate because they should sell them in pairs right? She smacked me upside the back of my head!

Therapy bills will soon follow

My kid says some off the wall things, but this time I felt so bad for the little guy. I wonder just how much this incident will cost him in therapy.

The worm: Mommy when I'm a daddy. . . . as he trails off saying something about not making his kids eat veggies

Me: What did you say babe

The worm: When I'm a daddy

Me: cutting him off.... babe you have to first grow up and get big, then you will need to finish college and then find a girl and get married before you can be a daddy

The worm: Mommy will you help me find a girl?

Me: Honey that is something every man has to do for himself.

The worm: Bursting into tears But mommy if I go to find a girl what if I can't find my way back home again? I would be lost.

Me: O my goodness what have I done? I just broke my poor babies little heart!

Seriously my little guy thinks that he will have to wander the city to find himself a girl in order to be a daddy and that he won't ever find his way back home to me. I want to cry with him!

Jan 12, 2009

Ummm yeah

Since when did my house get this messy? Anyone know a time or a date they can remember when they walked in and went "WTH?" If so can you please let me know when it all went to crap because I'm confused!

I just don't understand! Nothing is where it should be, every single cabinet is full of stuff that doesn't even belong there. The junk drawer has multiplied now taking up 2 drawers. The toys.. o the toys I don't even want to think about that. So today I opened up the drawer in my bedroom that I use for just random things trying to find something. Inside I find stuff that belongs in the kitchen, stuff that belongs in the bathroom, little toys that I don't even know where they came from, socks, pens, pencils, ect. Seriously each of these things should have it's own place to call home so why on earth is it piled into my drawer? I seriously had a hard time opening it.

My house is a disaster and I'm not sure there are enough hours in the day. I'm a very organized person in general, but something has snapped and little by little it has all gone down the drain. How do you organize a house that is in 100% chaos? I remember a time not all that long ago when everything in my house had it's place, it was all labeled and neatly stacked. Even my junk drawer was organized and take out menus were alphabetized!

So in short, has anyone seen my scissors? They are missing and the drawer that normally holds them is full with stuff and I won't even tell you what that stuff is because honestly I don't even know. It seems to be the drawer of broken parts. That toy that was broken.. yeah the one you threw away last year, well guess what the broken piece is in that drawer!

Jan 7, 2009


Old Baby clothes!!

Everyone has them, no one can part with them. Yes you can get rid of most of the kids old clothes, but some of them you just can't bring yourself to part with them. The outfit they were brought home in the hospital. The outfit they wore for their first pictures, the one that great aunt so and so made and he wore it all the time, ect. Well I make quilts out of my kids old baby clothes. The worm has his with the newborn outfit he wore home from the hospital in the center so you can see how tiny he was and pieces of the other fabric scattered around it. Every one of my foster kids that has left me I have made one for them also. A way to have the clothes and the memories without the boxes in the basement.

Granted I LOVE to sew I find it relaxing, but there are several places online that will make these for you. I have seen some major price differences though some are $600 others are $200 and the ones on ebay look cheap and weird but they are only $60ish. Please shop around don't pay $600 for a quilt it's really not worth it no matter how cute the end result is! If you want one made I can make one for you (depending on how many people email me). I'm running out of sewing projects as it is and sewing is relaxing for me so I kind of need new projects. You will need around 25 outfits (unless they are bigger kid outfits) to make a throw sized blanket though. My average price depending on how big it would be is around $100. Some less some more, details could be worked out later. If you do a good internet search though you might be able to find someone near you or ask your dear aunt Sally to make one and get a better deal because of shipping costs.

BTW: To my friends, I'm sorry I brought this up on my blog before asking if you wanted one made first, but my mind is mush and it's Wed. so I must post something. {{HUGS}} and please don't hate me!

Jan 5, 2009

Runny babbit: a billy sook

The worm: Hey mommy can you read me a book?
Me: Sure babe, but wouldn't you rather your uncle G read that to you?
The worm: Yeah mommy I like that idea. Hey uncle G can you read me a book?
G: Giving me a dirty look because he dislikes all children even though he tolerates the worm "sure buddy what book should we read?"
Me: Hey worm go grab your bunny book.
The worm: Yeah mommy I Love that book!

G Opens the book and starts to read, only it's runny babbit and if you don't own runny babbit your missing out on all kinds of fun! The kids love it and it's slightly more "fun" to read because you can't just mindlessly read it. Why you ask? Here is why....

Runny fad a hamily- Matter of fact, he had a sother and two bristers, a dummy and a mad. His mamma fed him marrot cilk and parrot cie and such, And all of them were happy in their cozy hunny butch.

The book
is even better when you can convince unsuspecting relatives to read it to your children so you can laugh. So find your hippy brother as I have and hand him this book to read to your munchkins. It's fun for all and especially fun for the parents of the children giggling in the next room while your busy laughing at poor person who got suckered into reading this book. BTW: This is a long book with many little stories in it. If you start reading it make sure you have to "get up to stir dinner" at some point don't give yourself too much time or your brain will spin from reading so much of this runny babbit talk!

Who needs prozak when you can sucker relatives into making you laugh!

Jan 4, 2009


Wouldn't it be nice if someone just showed you the right direction to go in life. I thought I had things figured out 5 years ago. I was with what I thought was a great guy, we were saving money to buy a house, I was going to school to do medical billing and shortly after starting I found out I was pregnant. Who could ask for more right? Then I had to drop out of school for a semester because the morning sickness was so bad, I got my degree in medical billing only to not be able to find a decent job. I finally found a job and we purchased a house. Married couple and child living in a home, the American dream right? Until my ex went nuts and stopped taking his medications, I kicked him out and realized that I can't do it on my own. I look into better billing jobs only to find out that doctors in my area have heard of this wonderful thing called outsourcing. My job and many others were shipped overseas to the lowest bidder. The best I could hope to make was $10 per hour which doesn't pay the bills. When I started school I looked at the average wage and it was double what I could make now plus I had my husband to help.

So life starts over, only this time with a mortgage, a child and an ex that is totally un-supportive in every way shape and form. He visits 1 weekend a month, well that is what he's ordered to do that doesn't always happen. He doesn't pay child support regularly at all and he constantly picks fights over stupid things. I decided to go back to school with the support of my wonderful parents. They offered to help with some expenses so I could go back to school. Now I'm finding that what I thought I wanted to do doesn't pay as much as I need, the jobs are hard to find and in order to do any good you have to have your masters which is way too much schooling for someone who can't make it now.

I really wish someone could pop down and say "you need to go to school for this job, live in x place (hopefully this person would tell me my home because I love it and have been working so hard to not loose it), and do x changes in your life". I just want to be happy.... I'm happy with my child, my friends, my family, but when it comes to other life things I'm clueless!! I need a JOB!!!! A job that can support me and my son not relying on any kind of child support. A job that I am happy doing and don't dread going to work. A job that doesn't take too much training and schooling. I'm looking at becoming a radological technician (x-ray tech) because it's half the schooling as social work with basically the same pay. I could always go back to school for social work after I get that degree and have a job that doesn't require me to lean on my parents. God love them for helping, but I feel like the biggest looser on the planet!!! Mom, dad, can I have some money to pay my electric bill? Who does that? Also, pretty please can someone just tell me if the next guy I might go out with is a looser before I waste my time!!

In short... I want to be a grown up already!!

Jan 2, 2009

Happy new year

Happy new year to everyone!! I am sorry I haven't had a chance to post in awhile. The worm is home from daycare and I'm off of school. We have been busy making a mess of the house and pretending it doesn't exist. I've got all these thoughts going through my head and I keep saying "I need to blog about that" and darn it if it doesn't fall right out of my head before I can get to a computer. Well here is yet another long post because I need to get caught up and it's easier to just post everything here. (Ok, not everything will need to post some more about interesting things that have poped into my head).

New years resolutions- clean the house! After the past year of being way to busy everything is out of place and I really need to go through every drawer, closet and cupboard and clean and put things away where they belong. I have no motivation for this project it seems like work and work is not fun. Loose weight. Yes everyone always says this, but honestly I've never really tried before so hopefully I can be that 1 person in a million who makes this their resolution and actually sticks to it. I've always been happy with my body and just accepted it. I'm the person who thinks that the fatty foods are good for you because they help your mood rather than restricting yourself and walking around hungry. Well lately I'm feeling more tired, a tad depressed, lack all energy, and generally protest things that make me have to move. Yeah it's a problem! I've never been the type to be this lazy, lazy yes but not so lazy that I don't want to do laundry because I don't feel like walking down the steps! I typically boycot laundry because I don't like to fold it, but not for phyiscal reasons. Now the plan.... to loose the 100lbs that is hanging onto my body. Ok, so perhaps not 100lbs but mightly close to it. No goal weight in mind, just want to eat healthy and work out daily even if it's just a 30 minute walk on the treadmill downstairs while watching tv.

Christmas stuff- Awesome Christmas, way too many presents. A got tons of games and such all of them super cool. The best presents of the year if you have munchkins.... any of the blueorange games! Hyperdash, it gets kids off their butts and makes them run around which is awesome. This is also a good game for adults who have had too much to drink. Add some hard wood floors and socks to these drunken people running all over and trying to beat eachothers time and it's a recipe for the funniest game ever! Nothing like a holiday spent watching your dear loved ones fall on their butts! Last word, another good adult game (not going into details, trust me and try it!)

Animal stuff- My dogs are stupid and it's funny! Gidget has found her tail, Rocco looks at her like she has lost her mind. I know he's secretly wishing he too had a tail. More important news.... the betta fish finally died!! Seriously within 2 days of eachother. They were 6 years old and I was seriously thinking I was going to have to put them in my will, well guess what they are gone! FINALLY!!! Stupid things! Betta are not meant to last that long especially if you don't ever feed them or clean their tanks!

Friend stuff- C has new foster kids, they have some major behavior stuff going on way above and beyond what I can help with. I went over to help her de-lice (I know you all love it when I talk about those critters and make your heads itch like crazy at the mear mention of them) and the oldest no joke walked outside without his coat on in the cold and sat down in the snow covered yard. WTH!! He's 8!!! I can't go into details (stupid confidentiality) but those that know C can you please send her a little care package with some booze, tylenol and duct tape! O wait scratch the duct tape the agency frowns on that just send her some good vibes. They are all "alphabet soup" with things such as FAS, RAD, PTSD, ODD, OCD, and ADHD. Yeah for more RADish kids.... STUPID BIO'S!! I want so badly to smack them sometimes! To everyone I didn't see on New Years.... you all suck and should have come over you missed the best party!! Haha j/k

Life stuff- Have some MAJOR insomina going on again, men stink, the village idiot has hit an all time low or is it high with his stupid antics, and other than that it's smooth sailing.

I should really make a resolution to actually blog things and remember to hit the publish button huh!