Jan 12, 2009

Ummm yeah

Since when did my house get this messy? Anyone know a time or a date they can remember when they walked in and went "WTH?" If so can you please let me know when it all went to crap because I'm confused!

I just don't understand! Nothing is where it should be, every single cabinet is full of stuff that doesn't even belong there. The junk drawer has multiplied now taking up 2 drawers. The toys.. o the toys I don't even want to think about that. So today I opened up the drawer in my bedroom that I use for just random things trying to find something. Inside I find stuff that belongs in the kitchen, stuff that belongs in the bathroom, little toys that I don't even know where they came from, socks, pens, pencils, ect. Seriously each of these things should have it's own place to call home so why on earth is it piled into my drawer? I seriously had a hard time opening it.

My house is a disaster and I'm not sure there are enough hours in the day. I'm a very organized person in general, but something has snapped and little by little it has all gone down the drain. How do you organize a house that is in 100% chaos? I remember a time not all that long ago when everything in my house had it's place, it was all labeled and neatly stacked. Even my junk drawer was organized and take out menus were alphabetized!

So in short, has anyone seen my scissors? They are missing and the drawer that normally holds them is full with stuff and I won't even tell you what that stuff is because honestly I don't even know. It seems to be the drawer of broken parts. That toy that was broken.. yeah the one you threw away last year, well guess what the broken piece is in that drawer!