Dec 26, 2008

The Christmas rush

I've been so busy with Christmas stuff I haven't had time to do much of anything on my computer.

Last Thurs- Final exam for school. It was delayed on Wed. due to bad weather. After my exam I was going to get some last minute shopping done (stocking stuffers) and the highway system here was for the most part shut down and the store I wanted to go to was on the other side of town so I waited.

Fri- The worm and me were home all day doing some cleaning, laundry, ya know the good stuff so people don't stop by and we are naked and the house is a mess.

Sat- Helped my grandma with some stuff around her house and took the worm to his granny's house so I could get those stocking stuffers. BTW the mall by my mom's house has the most horrible toy store ever! I can't ever get out of that store without at least 4 impulse buys. Seriously all of their stuff is amazing and no matter how many times you go out there you will always find something new that your child just has to have.

Sun- Lunch with a friend, dinner with family, wrapping presents. Went to my grandparents house where they gave the worm the coolest present. It's a backpack, and when you pull the cord wings shoot out the sides of it (a 5ft wingspan) and it turns into batman wings! Very awesome!! I kinda want to steal it and not let my 4 year old have it, but I have no event where I could wear such a cool thing and not look like a total idiot so I'll let him have it, for now at least.

Mon- Finish wrapping presents, babysitting for 2 friends so they could get their shopping done. Way to procrastinate ladies!! My 4 year old, three 2 year old's and a 6 month old all cranky and sick with colds they have shared with eachother. I'm lucky to be alive!

Tues- Went to grandma's house for Christmas, got stuck there. BAD BAD Ice storm! Serioulsy the kids were outside ice skating on the roads. I went to take my nieces and cousins home around the corner from my grandma's house and while sitting still at the stop sign the wind blew my car over a good 6in. When the kids went to get out of the car they literally steped out of the car and fell right on their butts! Thank goodness my brother could come over and feed Rocco and Gidget and let them out. I was scared I would have to drive home in the mess just beacuse of the dogs. Grandma lives an hour away, so with the ice I'm guessing it would have taken a good 4 hours to get home trying to avoid the highways and back roads with 20ft ditches on either side.

Wed- Grandma's house for Christmas. This was a bad day for me! I miss my grandfather terribly and not having him there just didn't seem right! We lost him and 2 other family memebers last month (literally in 2 days time) and I guess we just haven't had a chance to truly mourn because it hit me like it had happend the day before. Someone else passing out the presents, someone else making the fudge, no one to kick my ass at Euchre. The entire day it just didn't feel like Christmas! Everyone made it through though. Our first Christmas without him. I think all in all we did fairly well although it did always feel like there was a giant elephant in the room that no one was talking about.

Thur- Christmas day! We stayed home and the worm opened presents. Well some of them anyways. He got his new stairs so he can climb into bed on his own, his robot, his leapster and basically refused to open anything else because he got what he wanted already. It wasn't until 2pm when he finally broke down and opened some more presents. Went to my cousin's house for dessert and to hang out with family. Is it bad that the worm is almost 5 years old yet everyone still kinda see's him as a baby? I mean they don't try to feed him a bottle or anything, but he walks in and everyone flocks over to see him, wants to hold him, hug him, love on him. He is the center of attention (not that he minds) and everyone sits there waiting for us to show up so they can see him. Even the teens who typically don't care about little kids came running upstairs to see him, even teen boys!!

Today- Mellow day. Was going to get some shopping done, but yet another ice storm has hit my city. I need to get a babies first christmas ornament for my cousin (she's young and apparently forgot that her kid kinda needs one of those and you really can't just get it next year ya know so I told her I would grab one for her), some new stockings (I dislike ours) and a new tree topper so I can get this stupid star fish off my tree!! Every year I say "I'm going to get a new tree topper, but I'm going to wait until after Chrsitmas because I dont' want to pay full price when they will just go on sale". Every year something happens and I can't get it. So, we use the worm's puppets instead. I did convince him to take clifford off the tree and allow the starfish with isn't as funny looking. I'll go tomorrow, or this afternoon if the weather clears up. Until then the worm and his girlfriend (my friends daughter who is a 11 months younger than him) are playing. One of these days I will write an entire post about them. They have their own launguage, they are obsessed with eachother, they right now are walking down the hall to grab something from the toy closet holding hands! A 3 and 4 year old..... strange!!

That about catches me up. Ok, so not really still have a few more posts I want to make but don't have the time now.

Dec 17, 2008


~~Works for me Wednesday~~
Basically I never have anything going on Wednesdays and found THIS blog and honestly there are some great tips there so I decided that I'm game. Time to share all of those good mommy tips!

For me since it just dumped 4in of snow on us last night I'm going to let you in on the tip to keep the kids warm while outside!

Boots- You know when the snow pants pull up and the snow gets on your child's leg or into their boots even though the snowpants have those little liner things in them? Solution... tuck your child's pants into their socks and then get those plastic grocery bags your collecting for god knows what reason. Put the bag over the child's foot and then tie with those handy little handles around their legs. Now put the boots on. The bags help their feet slip into the boot better, it keeps them warm and dry and no more wet socks when they come inside.

Gloves- Put gloves on, painters tape around the gloves and attach to the child's coat. Comes off clean and keeps the snow out of the gloves.

Hats- Walmart sells those $1 stocking caps that fit everyone's head from a baby to an adult. Put one of those under your child's regular hat. The kids will get snow stuck all over their hats, the outside hat will be soaked within moments of being outside. At least they have one dry layer on their head.

Necks- Kids are notorius for getting snow down the neck hole of their coat. Clothing manufacturers have yet to realize that kids need scarfs to keep them warm the only ones I can seem to find are those that are 2ft too long for my 4 year old. Well I gave up and started using small towels. I just fold in half the short way and wrap from front to back and tada instant scarf and for some reason because it's a bit bulkier it stays put and doesn't slip down.

No solution yet as to how to get them into the house without dragging in tons of snow, nor can I figure out a way to get them ready quicker because I swear it takes 10 minutes per child to get ready and they are only outside for like 15 minutes before they want to come in. I suspect they really only want to come in to drink the hot chocolate!!

BTW: If anyone has a good hot chocolate recipe can you please share!!

Dec 15, 2008

Feeding the dogs cotton balls

Yes you read that correctly. You know how they always say not to let your dogs eat cooked chicken bones? Well my dogs never got that memo. We had fried chicken for dinner and threw the bones in the trash can that sits behind closet doors. Well me and the worm went downstairs to play and so I could do some laundry. When we came upstairs I noticed that the door was open and when I looked into the trash can the bones were missing!! I checked the normal doggy hiding spots, their beds, their crates, the corner of the hallway ya know the good places to stash things with no such luck. One of my dogs ate the bones or perhaps both of them I don't know.

So I can't figure out which dog ate them and I'm desperate to know which one of my dogs is going to die tonight so I bend down and tried to smell their breath. I mean surely it would smell like chicken right? Wrong just smelled like dog food. The worm gave me the strangest look ever and said "mommy what are you doing" and all I could say was "smelling the doggies breath" to which he replied "that sounds like a stupid idea" yep your right kid!

So I get online and google it and find a remedy. It says to soak cotton balls in half and half and break into pieces and feed to your dog. Ok, it's worth a shot and the logic is spot on. It says that the bones spikey pieces will get wrapped around the cotton balls so when they pass them or they are floating around in their stomach that the cotton will cover those pieces and perhaps spare their intestines. So I have no half and half but figure I would just try milk. My dogs go nutty over milk and the half and half is only there for them so they actually want to eat it and it doesn't taste like cotton. They ate their cotton balls like champs and now I get to spend the next few days searching through their dog poop for some sign of them passing the bones or that they are dying.

BTW: another site said to feed the dog a piece or two of bread to cushion the bones, well I did that too. Can never be too safe right? Also if it gets me out of spending $2000 at the vets office I'm all for it!

Perfect time for chocolate

So I was woken up by the worm at 2am telling me he was thirsty. I took him to the kitchen and got him a glass of water.

Him- "Mommy I'm hungry can you make me some of those chocolate brownies to go with my water"

Me- Super tired and not really with it "what are you talking about? Do you know it's 2am"

Him- "Ok, so can I have a chocolate chip cookie"

Me- "Your kidding right?"

Him- "How about some chocolate milk?"

Me- "Now how on earth is chocolate milk going to stop you from being hungry?"

Him- "It's not mommy, but I'm not hungry I really just wanted some chocolate milk and I knew you would say no if I asked for it"

Me- "So you asked for those other things knowing I would say no but then thought I would just give in on the chocolate milk or what"

Him- "yeah mommy, ya know your really smart"

Kids.. can't live with them, can't kill em!

In all seriousness I am starting to think that my 4 year old is much smarter than he lets on. He is the king of manipulation when it comes to certain things. One day I will get around to posting about his other chocolate comment to which he informed me that if his belly didn't get chocolate it might die and without missing a beat raised his little eyebrow and said "do you want to risk it".

Dec 14, 2008

He's back

He's back from his "daddy trip", I missed him like crazy! I can't believe he's only gone from Friday until Sunday and yet it seems like he's been gone for 2 weeks. I'm so use to having him around all the time that when he's gone I'm kind of lost and don't know what to do with myself. He walked in the door wrapped his arms around me and said "Missed ya mommy" gave me a kiss on my nose and then said "can we eat some cookies" as he ran off to go make sure no one played with his toys while he was gone. Ahhh 4 year old's are the best!! I'm the luckiest person ever to have him!!!

Me+ dating= BAD IDEA

So being a single mom is hard at times, and I'm finding that those times are when I go out on dates! I don't have alot of time to date, I really only have 1 weekend a month when the village idiot comes to pick up the worm and whisks him away for a day or two if I'm lucky. So this weekend I went out with a few guys I've been wanting to actually meet up with, but just haven't had the time to myself.

Now a little history into my past dating. I've already met abusive guy, alcoholic guy, inconsiderate guy, guy with way too many kids he doesn't take care of, guy who is bipolar (married him it was BAD hence the divorce), guy who is more into video games than real life, there are more but you get the clue it's the general run of the mill looser group of guys. So this time I have been talking to the guys alot more before meeting them.

Anyways date #1
Dude seemed so nice on the phone, he could hold a conversation, he had his stuff together. In person, well totally different story! He is not that great looking, but hey personality and a connection with the person should trump right. Dude smelled. How bad is it when you have to go out with a guy that smells bad. I meet him at the restaurant and said hi, I figured it was someone else who had the weird odor until we sat down and it followed us. I mean it wasn't horrible like a green stench or anything, but still I shouldn't be able to smell you unless it's cologne ya know. So I'm trying to just get through it until dude starts talking, and talking and talking. I'm not talking nervous babble, I'm talking he's cursing, yelling at the waitress (poor thing), belched really loud and was rambling about how spectacular he was, how he had done this and that and how he owned all this crap. Seriously I don't care what you own do I look like a gold digger or something? It was a totally different person than I had talked to.

In conclusion, I'd like to very much thank my friend K for letting me meet her boyfriend's cousin (who I found out later she had never even met before) and my nose and head would like to smack you as does the waitress I'm sure. I went to the restroom and texted him to take a shower, stuff a ball gag into his mouth and loose my number. K texted me about 2 hours later asking me what the heck happend. I explained, she appologized saying she didn't know the guy it was her boyfriends idea. Hmmm wonder what her boyfriend really thinks of me? Yeah he hates me but that is because I called him a pompus ass.

Date #2
Out for coffee with super nice guy I met at school. Me and him have been talking for about 2 months now on the phone and he seems nice. Then while we are chatting he kind of mentions that he's bisexual. Woah.. I'm not big on sharing my man with other men and I'm not sure if there are any women who are too keen on this idea. Thank goodness it was coffee so short lived. He texted me about an hour ago, still haven't thought of anything good to say. Think I'm going to fake change my number and just never answer when he calls. Or perhaps I might grow a pair and just let him know that's not my "thing".

Date #3
Out for lunch today. Seems like a nice guy, nice conversation, has a job, a car, no arrests in his past nor DUI charges he's fighting in court right now. There is something wrong with this man and I can't lay my finger on it. I kept getting this feeling he was living a double life, an ax murderer, child molestor, or just something creepy about him yet nothing outwardly would make me think this. Just a bad vibe I guess.

I think I should just be a lesbian who doesn't have sex with woman (because it's not my thing) and call it a day. Men are taking up all of my kid free weekend and I'm gaining nothing. Who needs a man anyways? Surely not me! Well until I need a nice backrub, someone to sit and watch a movie with, talk to and share my day with, or to cuddle with. I don't need a man so much as it would be nice to have someone to share my life with, however I'm not so sure I want to risk sharing all of my free time just to meet a bunch of fools. I'm starting to think that talking to them before going out which is what I thought would be a genious idea perhaps it's so einstein after all.

Dec 12, 2008


Targmeijermart is what me and my friends refer to as Target, Meijers, Walmart, Kmart you know your basic store chain with anything you could need and things at normal people prices. My brain (my best friend) thought up the name and now it stuck. Well this year I'm done with targmeijermart!! Those fools are idiots! If forced to shop at these stores be careful! Take your happy pills, your zanax and drink a few shots before going or you might very well kill someone!

Target- Go to get these little steps so the worm can get into his bed easier and not need mommy to break her back nightly to get him into it. Well I get there and the stairs are out of stock because they substituted a lamp that was out of stock for the stairs. Now I have no idea who thought up the substituation thing at Target but they are seriously off base! How is a lamp in any way comperable to steps? Anyways so I ask the sales associate if they have any in the back. He replied "no mam, but we are substituting that bookshelf for the sold out stairs". I explained that a bookshelf would not help my son get into bed so that isn't a great substituation and the man actually looked at me like I was the crazy one? WTH!!

So off to the next Target store I go because I need those stairs. Get to the next Target store and they have the stairs, they are cheaper because again they are substituting the stairs for something else that is sold out. Fine by me this time because they were $15 cheaper. Then I go to grab a pair of gloves because the other store was sold out of the color I wanted. They too were sold out, sitting next to them was a pair of comperable gloves. Same color, same fabric, $1 more expensive and yet they substitute the gloves I wanted with a purse. Seriously how is a purse going to keep my hands warm? So I grabbed the other pair of gloves and am fairly frustrated at this point. I go to check out and the lady dropped one of the candles I was going to purchase. She then had he nerve to look at me and say "did you want that" Ummm your kidding right? I procede to get into an argument with her about how yes I did want it, no I'm not walking back there and getting another one because your the idiot that broke it you walk back there and get it. Back and forth blah blah blah and then her supervisor walks up and asks what is wrong. The lady said "this lady wants another candle and doesn't want to walk back and get it herself" like somehow it was me causing the trouble and that I just didn't grab more and now I wanted more. I told the supervisor "because she dropped the candle I did bring up to her and broke it" the supervisor tells the lady to go grab another one. The lady actually looked her supervisor in the eye and said "but I have all this glass to clean up, can't she just walk back there and get a new one?" I'm thinkin that lady is in big big trouble her supervisor did not look too happy!

Meijer- Went 2 days ago and for some reason the scanners weren't ringing things up properly at all. $14.99 item is ringing up as $16.99. I pointed it out to the cashier and he told me that the prices were correct. I showed him the item and the tag on the item that showed the price and he still proceeded to argue with me. I went to customer service and talked to them and I was right, that register was bad and they told that fool to use a different register earlier in the day.

Walmart- Last week went to do some Christmas shopping and found 2 little old bitties in the isle arguing over a barbie doll. "It's mine" "No it's mine" back and forth. An employee comes over and asked the ladies what the problem was, they both said "It's mine, she took it from my cart" "No I didn't I grabbed it off the shelf". Meanwhile there are like 20 identical barbie dolls sitting right by the employees head and yet she doesn't point it out to the ladies? People it's a barbie doll, it can't be that important they only make like 150 different styles! WTH?

So yeah

I have been told for many many years that I need to write down the crazy stuff that happens to me because it would make a good book one day. My life is bipolar at times, blah with nothing to do one minute and the next minute you would not be shocked to see a purple elephant sitting on your couch because that would just complete your day. I'm no writer and surely no one would want to read my book so here I am entering the blogging community to pacify some friends who think that this crazy thing I call life is funny. I'm going to appologize now for my bad spelling, made up words and horrible punctuation.

So a bit about my life might be in order. I have a wonderful son who I will refer to as worm who is 4 years old. He is wonderful!! His dad on the other hand (my ex husband) is a nit wit! I'm sure he will enter this blog at some time in the future, but you all just have to wait until he does something stupid so I can post it. We call him "the village idiot". To my defense he isn't a bad guy, just bipolar and not medicated making him turn into a vile creature at times.

I have a huge family, as in 5 sisters, 2 brothers and close to 40 aunts and uncles. My family is blended. This in my family means divorced, re-married and then divorced again but never leaving the family which makes for great gatherings on holidays.

I love animals and have a few. I've got the dogs Rocco who is a Boston terrorizer and Gidget who is his bff. She is a Boston/Miniature pincher mix which makes her a Miniature Terrorizer. I have 4 pet rats, they are awesome and like little dogs. The worm has them trained to do a few "stupid dog tricks". There is the ferret Spazzy who is a total dork and basically like a kitten who is constantly in trouble and getting into things. Then we round it up with the betta fish. The fish from He!! who won't die! Seriously the stupid thing is 6 years old. When it was 2 years old it jumped out of his little fishy bowl into a glass of coca cola that was next to the bowl and the thing is still alive. So folks if your children get a cheapy goldfish and you want it to live forever dunk it in some coke!

I'm a full time student and a homeowner so time is scarce most of the time between studying, fixing things in the house, the worm, the animals, but life is great and I LOVE IT!!!