Dec 26, 2008

The Christmas rush

I've been so busy with Christmas stuff I haven't had time to do much of anything on my computer.

Last Thurs- Final exam for school. It was delayed on Wed. due to bad weather. After my exam I was going to get some last minute shopping done (stocking stuffers) and the highway system here was for the most part shut down and the store I wanted to go to was on the other side of town so I waited.

Fri- The worm and me were home all day doing some cleaning, laundry, ya know the good stuff so people don't stop by and we are naked and the house is a mess.

Sat- Helped my grandma with some stuff around her house and took the worm to his granny's house so I could get those stocking stuffers. BTW the mall by my mom's house has the most horrible toy store ever! I can't ever get out of that store without at least 4 impulse buys. Seriously all of their stuff is amazing and no matter how many times you go out there you will always find something new that your child just has to have.

Sun- Lunch with a friend, dinner with family, wrapping presents. Went to my grandparents house where they gave the worm the coolest present. It's a backpack, and when you pull the cord wings shoot out the sides of it (a 5ft wingspan) and it turns into batman wings! Very awesome!! I kinda want to steal it and not let my 4 year old have it, but I have no event where I could wear such a cool thing and not look like a total idiot so I'll let him have it, for now at least.

Mon- Finish wrapping presents, babysitting for 2 friends so they could get their shopping done. Way to procrastinate ladies!! My 4 year old, three 2 year old's and a 6 month old all cranky and sick with colds they have shared with eachother. I'm lucky to be alive!

Tues- Went to grandma's house for Christmas, got stuck there. BAD BAD Ice storm! Serioulsy the kids were outside ice skating on the roads. I went to take my nieces and cousins home around the corner from my grandma's house and while sitting still at the stop sign the wind blew my car over a good 6in. When the kids went to get out of the car they literally steped out of the car and fell right on their butts! Thank goodness my brother could come over and feed Rocco and Gidget and let them out. I was scared I would have to drive home in the mess just beacuse of the dogs. Grandma lives an hour away, so with the ice I'm guessing it would have taken a good 4 hours to get home trying to avoid the highways and back roads with 20ft ditches on either side.

Wed- Grandma's house for Christmas. This was a bad day for me! I miss my grandfather terribly and not having him there just didn't seem right! We lost him and 2 other family memebers last month (literally in 2 days time) and I guess we just haven't had a chance to truly mourn because it hit me like it had happend the day before. Someone else passing out the presents, someone else making the fudge, no one to kick my ass at Euchre. The entire day it just didn't feel like Christmas! Everyone made it through though. Our first Christmas without him. I think all in all we did fairly well although it did always feel like there was a giant elephant in the room that no one was talking about.

Thur- Christmas day! We stayed home and the worm opened presents. Well some of them anyways. He got his new stairs so he can climb into bed on his own, his robot, his leapster and basically refused to open anything else because he got what he wanted already. It wasn't until 2pm when he finally broke down and opened some more presents. Went to my cousin's house for dessert and to hang out with family. Is it bad that the worm is almost 5 years old yet everyone still kinda see's him as a baby? I mean they don't try to feed him a bottle or anything, but he walks in and everyone flocks over to see him, wants to hold him, hug him, love on him. He is the center of attention (not that he minds) and everyone sits there waiting for us to show up so they can see him. Even the teens who typically don't care about little kids came running upstairs to see him, even teen boys!!

Today- Mellow day. Was going to get some shopping done, but yet another ice storm has hit my city. I need to get a babies first christmas ornament for my cousin (she's young and apparently forgot that her kid kinda needs one of those and you really can't just get it next year ya know so I told her I would grab one for her), some new stockings (I dislike ours) and a new tree topper so I can get this stupid star fish off my tree!! Every year I say "I'm going to get a new tree topper, but I'm going to wait until after Chrsitmas because I dont' want to pay full price when they will just go on sale". Every year something happens and I can't get it. So, we use the worm's puppets instead. I did convince him to take clifford off the tree and allow the starfish with isn't as funny looking. I'll go tomorrow, or this afternoon if the weather clears up. Until then the worm and his girlfriend (my friends daughter who is a 11 months younger than him) are playing. One of these days I will write an entire post about them. They have their own launguage, they are obsessed with eachother, they right now are walking down the hall to grab something from the toy closet holding hands! A 3 and 4 year old..... strange!!

That about catches me up. Ok, so not really still have a few more posts I want to make but don't have the time now.