Dec 17, 2008


~~Works for me Wednesday~~
Basically I never have anything going on Wednesdays and found THIS blog and honestly there are some great tips there so I decided that I'm game. Time to share all of those good mommy tips!

For me since it just dumped 4in of snow on us last night I'm going to let you in on the tip to keep the kids warm while outside!

Boots- You know when the snow pants pull up and the snow gets on your child's leg or into their boots even though the snowpants have those little liner things in them? Solution... tuck your child's pants into their socks and then get those plastic grocery bags your collecting for god knows what reason. Put the bag over the child's foot and then tie with those handy little handles around their legs. Now put the boots on. The bags help their feet slip into the boot better, it keeps them warm and dry and no more wet socks when they come inside.

Gloves- Put gloves on, painters tape around the gloves and attach to the child's coat. Comes off clean and keeps the snow out of the gloves.

Hats- Walmart sells those $1 stocking caps that fit everyone's head from a baby to an adult. Put one of those under your child's regular hat. The kids will get snow stuck all over their hats, the outside hat will be soaked within moments of being outside. At least they have one dry layer on their head.

Necks- Kids are notorius for getting snow down the neck hole of their coat. Clothing manufacturers have yet to realize that kids need scarfs to keep them warm the only ones I can seem to find are those that are 2ft too long for my 4 year old. Well I gave up and started using small towels. I just fold in half the short way and wrap from front to back and tada instant scarf and for some reason because it's a bit bulkier it stays put and doesn't slip down.

No solution yet as to how to get them into the house without dragging in tons of snow, nor can I figure out a way to get them ready quicker because I swear it takes 10 minutes per child to get ready and they are only outside for like 15 minutes before they want to come in. I suspect they really only want to come in to drink the hot chocolate!!

BTW: If anyone has a good hot chocolate recipe can you please share!!