Dec 15, 2008

Feeding the dogs cotton balls

Yes you read that correctly. You know how they always say not to let your dogs eat cooked chicken bones? Well my dogs never got that memo. We had fried chicken for dinner and threw the bones in the trash can that sits behind closet doors. Well me and the worm went downstairs to play and so I could do some laundry. When we came upstairs I noticed that the door was open and when I looked into the trash can the bones were missing!! I checked the normal doggy hiding spots, their beds, their crates, the corner of the hallway ya know the good places to stash things with no such luck. One of my dogs ate the bones or perhaps both of them I don't know.

So I can't figure out which dog ate them and I'm desperate to know which one of my dogs is going to die tonight so I bend down and tried to smell their breath. I mean surely it would smell like chicken right? Wrong just smelled like dog food. The worm gave me the strangest look ever and said "mommy what are you doing" and all I could say was "smelling the doggies breath" to which he replied "that sounds like a stupid idea" yep your right kid!

So I get online and google it and find a remedy. It says to soak cotton balls in half and half and break into pieces and feed to your dog. Ok, it's worth a shot and the logic is spot on. It says that the bones spikey pieces will get wrapped around the cotton balls so when they pass them or they are floating around in their stomach that the cotton will cover those pieces and perhaps spare their intestines. So I have no half and half but figure I would just try milk. My dogs go nutty over milk and the half and half is only there for them so they actually want to eat it and it doesn't taste like cotton. They ate their cotton balls like champs and now I get to spend the next few days searching through their dog poop for some sign of them passing the bones or that they are dying.

BTW: another site said to feed the dog a piece or two of bread to cushion the bones, well I did that too. Can never be too safe right? Also if it gets me out of spending $2000 at the vets office I'm all for it!

Perfect time for chocolate

So I was woken up by the worm at 2am telling me he was thirsty. I took him to the kitchen and got him a glass of water.

Him- "Mommy I'm hungry can you make me some of those chocolate brownies to go with my water"

Me- Super tired and not really with it "what are you talking about? Do you know it's 2am"

Him- "Ok, so can I have a chocolate chip cookie"

Me- "Your kidding right?"

Him- "How about some chocolate milk?"

Me- "Now how on earth is chocolate milk going to stop you from being hungry?"

Him- "It's not mommy, but I'm not hungry I really just wanted some chocolate milk and I knew you would say no if I asked for it"

Me- "So you asked for those other things knowing I would say no but then thought I would just give in on the chocolate milk or what"

Him- "yeah mommy, ya know your really smart"

Kids.. can't live with them, can't kill em!

In all seriousness I am starting to think that my 4 year old is much smarter than he lets on. He is the king of manipulation when it comes to certain things. One day I will get around to posting about his other chocolate comment to which he informed me that if his belly didn't get chocolate it might die and without missing a beat raised his little eyebrow and said "do you want to risk it".