Dec 14, 2008

He's back

He's back from his "daddy trip", I missed him like crazy! I can't believe he's only gone from Friday until Sunday and yet it seems like he's been gone for 2 weeks. I'm so use to having him around all the time that when he's gone I'm kind of lost and don't know what to do with myself. He walked in the door wrapped his arms around me and said "Missed ya mommy" gave me a kiss on my nose and then said "can we eat some cookies" as he ran off to go make sure no one played with his toys while he was gone. Ahhh 4 year old's are the best!! I'm the luckiest person ever to have him!!!

Me+ dating= BAD IDEA

So being a single mom is hard at times, and I'm finding that those times are when I go out on dates! I don't have alot of time to date, I really only have 1 weekend a month when the village idiot comes to pick up the worm and whisks him away for a day or two if I'm lucky. So this weekend I went out with a few guys I've been wanting to actually meet up with, but just haven't had the time to myself.

Now a little history into my past dating. I've already met abusive guy, alcoholic guy, inconsiderate guy, guy with way too many kids he doesn't take care of, guy who is bipolar (married him it was BAD hence the divorce), guy who is more into video games than real life, there are more but you get the clue it's the general run of the mill looser group of guys. So this time I have been talking to the guys alot more before meeting them.

Anyways date #1
Dude seemed so nice on the phone, he could hold a conversation, he had his stuff together. In person, well totally different story! He is not that great looking, but hey personality and a connection with the person should trump right. Dude smelled. How bad is it when you have to go out with a guy that smells bad. I meet him at the restaurant and said hi, I figured it was someone else who had the weird odor until we sat down and it followed us. I mean it wasn't horrible like a green stench or anything, but still I shouldn't be able to smell you unless it's cologne ya know. So I'm trying to just get through it until dude starts talking, and talking and talking. I'm not talking nervous babble, I'm talking he's cursing, yelling at the waitress (poor thing), belched really loud and was rambling about how spectacular he was, how he had done this and that and how he owned all this crap. Seriously I don't care what you own do I look like a gold digger or something? It was a totally different person than I had talked to.

In conclusion, I'd like to very much thank my friend K for letting me meet her boyfriend's cousin (who I found out later she had never even met before) and my nose and head would like to smack you as does the waitress I'm sure. I went to the restroom and texted him to take a shower, stuff a ball gag into his mouth and loose my number. K texted me about 2 hours later asking me what the heck happend. I explained, she appologized saying she didn't know the guy it was her boyfriends idea. Hmmm wonder what her boyfriend really thinks of me? Yeah he hates me but that is because I called him a pompus ass.

Date #2
Out for coffee with super nice guy I met at school. Me and him have been talking for about 2 months now on the phone and he seems nice. Then while we are chatting he kind of mentions that he's bisexual. Woah.. I'm not big on sharing my man with other men and I'm not sure if there are any women who are too keen on this idea. Thank goodness it was coffee so short lived. He texted me about an hour ago, still haven't thought of anything good to say. Think I'm going to fake change my number and just never answer when he calls. Or perhaps I might grow a pair and just let him know that's not my "thing".

Date #3
Out for lunch today. Seems like a nice guy, nice conversation, has a job, a car, no arrests in his past nor DUI charges he's fighting in court right now. There is something wrong with this man and I can't lay my finger on it. I kept getting this feeling he was living a double life, an ax murderer, child molestor, or just something creepy about him yet nothing outwardly would make me think this. Just a bad vibe I guess.

I think I should just be a lesbian who doesn't have sex with woman (because it's not my thing) and call it a day. Men are taking up all of my kid free weekend and I'm gaining nothing. Who needs a man anyways? Surely not me! Well until I need a nice backrub, someone to sit and watch a movie with, talk to and share my day with, or to cuddle with. I don't need a man so much as it would be nice to have someone to share my life with, however I'm not so sure I want to risk sharing all of my free time just to meet a bunch of fools. I'm starting to think that talking to them before going out which is what I thought would be a genious idea perhaps it's so einstein after all.