Jul 1, 2009

Wow I'm shocked!!

I haven't been able to access my blog for awhile now. I have no idea what is going on, but blogger apparently doesn't like me that's what I figure. That's fine because with the way things have been going it would just be the worlds most depressing blog.

So, since I'm able to blog I'm sure your wondering what is new right? All depressing for the most part. Sorry.

-Might loose the house... yep foreclosure sucks! (No child support, no job= no paying the mortgage and the bank doesn't like that very much).

-The worm's daycare got a huge cut in funding and since he's going off to Kindergarten in the fall they have decided to just cut him from the program. O wait but I can pay full price if I want to keep him there instead of just having the co-pay and having him on ELI. Yeah at $210 a week! Poor people who can't afford their mortgage can't afford $210 per week!

-The dogs are feeling the stress and seriously acting out. Rocco the little $hit head pooped on the trampoline. Yep you read that correct. He drug a chair over to the side of the trampoline and climbed inside the netting and took a big ole poo right on it. He's only 20lbs!!! He drug a chair at least 20 ft across the yard! Spectacular right! It pretty much sums up my life right now. If it can go wrong it will.... including poo on the trampoline!

-Grandma died, I just realized I didn't blog that yet. So if you have lost count.. November my other grandpa died (unexpected), my 56 year old uncle (VERY unexpected, and my great grandfather (who was on his way out anyways) all passed within 36 hours of each other. Grandma died about 8 weeks ago (age 65) of an anyerism. She went to bed with a headache and was found un-responsive. The worm freaked me out bad though beacuse grandma was taken to the closest hospital. At the time we didn't know what was going on thought perhaps she had a seizure so we went to my mom's house. We were outside and the worm looked up and said "grandma is on that helicopter mommy" I said no honey grandma is at the hospital not in the helicopter they took her in an ambulance. He shurgged his shoulders and went on playing. 5 minutes later my mom calls and says "they life flighted grandma to x hospital across town I couldn't get my phone to turn on, we are almost there they left about 10 minutes ago. Ummm grandma WAS on that helicopter. Now how did he know that? Grandpa is helpless on his own so I've been super busy helping him around the house. Let me tell you that man is hopeless! He needs a full time live in nanny or something!

-The village idiot actually came last month to pick up the worm. Too bad he couldn't manage to keep his son for more than 24 hours. And he wonders why the worm doesn't want to go with him! He isn't ever around!

-The worm... O he's doing wonderful! He took grandma's death as well as to be expected, he's growing like a weed, he makes me laugh when I feel like crying, he keeps me busy and without him I would 100% be in a nut house right now after the year I've been having! Right when I think everything is on my shoulders, when I can't take anymore, when I'm about to start crying he will come up to me and say something silly. O how I love this boy! The new haircut! I was about to go nuts this day, was really stressed but really needed a laugh. Then he tell me out of no where "mommy I want a blue Mohawk..." he had an entire list of the reason why he should have one. Well a blue Mohawk my baby shall get!