Aug 20, 2009

hi ho hi ho

School time!! The worm started K last Wed and so far isn't doing too bad. So the first day of school they had all the kindergartners in the same room together. They wanted to see how the kids interacted, who they were friends with, how hyper verses mellow they were, how they learned, ect. before deciding on which rooms to put them in. Well the worm made a friend. We will call him sworm. We call him sworm because his name is the worms name with a different letter in front of it.

Then all hell broke loose! They split up the worm and sworm (I'm guessing for name reasons) into different classrooms. This has gone over like a lead balloon! The worm doesn't care if he gets his work done and can play at the end of the day or not because "my best friend isn't here to play with" he doesn't care what happens in class because he is doing nothing but waiting until Recess and lunch when he can see sworm again. I talked to sworms mother today and she said sworm is doing the exact same thing. He also doesn't care if his work is done or not because free time at the end of the day to play with the other children doesn't include the worm. He does nothing but talk about recess and lunch time with the worm and could care less about making friends in his classroom. The worm has made a few friends, but there are only 4 boys in his classroom. Him, a little boy who has some speach issues and you can't understand, and 2 other boys who live next door to each other attended preschool together and are inseprable!

Other than the whole "they split them up" thing he is doing good, is learning to like his teacher slowly and coloring up a storm. I remember kindergarten when I went to school. I remember there was a lot of coloring, I just don't remember this much!

Now my complaint about his school. I have spent hour upon hour teaching the worm to properly form his letters, write them so you can read them, ect. His teacher goes and messes that up in 3 days worth of class time! 3 days and it's all gone! Apparently they want to kids to start curving their letters to prepare them for cursive writting. This would be fine except the n in his name somehow comes out looking like a w and I can't read half of what he writes anymore! Stupid people last I checked Kindergarten was for FUNDAMENTALS not fancy writting and "preparing for cursive" which btw how many of you actually use cursive writting in your day to day life? Not many people do!