Feb 10, 2009


Been a long week around here.

I finally finished the last of my cleaning/organizing and feel so much better. Well that is until I walk back into my living room and notice that the worm has scattered his entire toy box all over the floor. So much for my house being totally clean, it was nice the entire 10 minutes that it lasted though. I figure if I just avoid that room I can live in denial for a bit longer. What are the chances that I can stay away from my living room for say 3 months?

The worm was sick, I mean super sick. He stopped talking and was only grunting and saying "ouch" and "go away" with the occasional "mommy help". Poor kid got a really bad stomach virus. He's better now, he's really hungry though from not eating for a few days, then going on the brat diet for 24 hours to give his belly a break that he scarfed down 3 waffles and 2 sandwiches already today.

Job hunt, why o why does it have to be this difficult? Seriously I'm skilled in healthcare, this isn't a field that goes south when the economy does the sick people are still going to be sick and yet no job in sight.

The dogs, O the lovely dogs! Gidget is driving me nuts!!!!! The chewing, the whining, Ahhhh puppies suck! She doesn't chew when I'm around, but the very second I leave the room she has found something to chew on. I tell her no, she cowars and walks away and then 10 seconds later I find the exact same item back in her mouth again. (and people wonder why I call her 10 second tom). She is so nervous all the time, I've never seen a dog that is this much of a chicken. She has some seperation anxiety and the very second I leave the house she whines. If someone drives down the road she again whines. I'm use to very dominant dogs, that is all I had growing up, Rocco is definatly a dominant dog, but this submissive, whining, nervous thing is totally new terittory for me!

That's about it for the updates. I'm going to appologize now for being boring and writting this post for you all to read even though I've just sucked up your time with nonsense.