Feb 11, 2009

Stuffy drawers and closets

If your house is anything like mine and built more than say 15 or so years ago I'm sure you notice when you open some of your cabinets and drawers that they just don't smell fresh. They don't smell particularly bad per say, but there is a definite smell that hits you. Well the built in drawers in my closet are like this! I open them and I get a whiff of the previous owners, mothballs from about 40 years ago and no matter what I can't get rid of the smell. I tried scrubbing them, taking them outside to air out, the smell is stuck in the wood. I spent about a year trying to figure out what to do about it and now I have the answer!!!

Tea Bags! Yep you read that correctly. Apple Spice tea bags. Toss one or two of them in the closet or drawer of your choosing and every time you open it it will smell yummy. I have one hanging in every closet in my house, and in every drawer that I don't use often. Even when I take the tea bags out of the drawers and closets apparently the wood has soaked up that smell instead of what it smelled like before. YUM!

They also work great for a quick room freshener. You know those times when you want your house to smell yummy in a hurry. Candles are nice, but they take awhile to get the full smell in your home. Boil a tea bag in a pot on the stove and your entire house will smell good in less than 10 minutes! I LOVE it when my house smells good.