Dec 15, 2008

Perfect time for chocolate

So I was woken up by the worm at 2am telling me he was thirsty. I took him to the kitchen and got him a glass of water.

Him- "Mommy I'm hungry can you make me some of those chocolate brownies to go with my water"

Me- Super tired and not really with it "what are you talking about? Do you know it's 2am"

Him- "Ok, so can I have a chocolate chip cookie"

Me- "Your kidding right?"

Him- "How about some chocolate milk?"

Me- "Now how on earth is chocolate milk going to stop you from being hungry?"

Him- "It's not mommy, but I'm not hungry I really just wanted some chocolate milk and I knew you would say no if I asked for it"

Me- "So you asked for those other things knowing I would say no but then thought I would just give in on the chocolate milk or what"

Him- "yeah mommy, ya know your really smart"

Kids.. can't live with them, can't kill em!

In all seriousness I am starting to think that my 4 year old is much smarter than he lets on. He is the king of manipulation when it comes to certain things. One day I will get around to posting about his other chocolate comment to which he informed me that if his belly didn't get chocolate it might die and without missing a beat raised his little eyebrow and said "do you want to risk it".

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