Dec 12, 2008

So yeah

I have been told for many many years that I need to write down the crazy stuff that happens to me because it would make a good book one day. My life is bipolar at times, blah with nothing to do one minute and the next minute you would not be shocked to see a purple elephant sitting on your couch because that would just complete your day. I'm no writer and surely no one would want to read my book so here I am entering the blogging community to pacify some friends who think that this crazy thing I call life is funny. I'm going to appologize now for my bad spelling, made up words and horrible punctuation.

So a bit about my life might be in order. I have a wonderful son who I will refer to as worm who is 4 years old. He is wonderful!! His dad on the other hand (my ex husband) is a nit wit! I'm sure he will enter this blog at some time in the future, but you all just have to wait until he does something stupid so I can post it. We call him "the village idiot". To my defense he isn't a bad guy, just bipolar and not medicated making him turn into a vile creature at times.

I have a huge family, as in 5 sisters, 2 brothers and close to 40 aunts and uncles. My family is blended. This in my family means divorced, re-married and then divorced again but never leaving the family which makes for great gatherings on holidays.

I love animals and have a few. I've got the dogs Rocco who is a Boston terrorizer and Gidget who is his bff. She is a Boston/Miniature pincher mix which makes her a Miniature Terrorizer. I have 4 pet rats, they are awesome and like little dogs. The worm has them trained to do a few "stupid dog tricks". There is the ferret Spazzy who is a total dork and basically like a kitten who is constantly in trouble and getting into things. Then we round it up with the betta fish. The fish from He!! who won't die! Seriously the stupid thing is 6 years old. When it was 2 years old it jumped out of his little fishy bowl into a glass of coca cola that was next to the bowl and the thing is still alive. So folks if your children get a cheapy goldfish and you want it to live forever dunk it in some coke!

I'm a full time student and a homeowner so time is scarce most of the time between studying, fixing things in the house, the worm, the animals, but life is great and I LOVE IT!!!

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