Dec 12, 2008


Targmeijermart is what me and my friends refer to as Target, Meijers, Walmart, Kmart you know your basic store chain with anything you could need and things at normal people prices. My brain (my best friend) thought up the name and now it stuck. Well this year I'm done with targmeijermart!! Those fools are idiots! If forced to shop at these stores be careful! Take your happy pills, your zanax and drink a few shots before going or you might very well kill someone!

Target- Go to get these little steps so the worm can get into his bed easier and not need mommy to break her back nightly to get him into it. Well I get there and the stairs are out of stock because they substituted a lamp that was out of stock for the stairs. Now I have no idea who thought up the substituation thing at Target but they are seriously off base! How is a lamp in any way comperable to steps? Anyways so I ask the sales associate if they have any in the back. He replied "no mam, but we are substituting that bookshelf for the sold out stairs". I explained that a bookshelf would not help my son get into bed so that isn't a great substituation and the man actually looked at me like I was the crazy one? WTH!!

So off to the next Target store I go because I need those stairs. Get to the next Target store and they have the stairs, they are cheaper because again they are substituting the stairs for something else that is sold out. Fine by me this time because they were $15 cheaper. Then I go to grab a pair of gloves because the other store was sold out of the color I wanted. They too were sold out, sitting next to them was a pair of comperable gloves. Same color, same fabric, $1 more expensive and yet they substitute the gloves I wanted with a purse. Seriously how is a purse going to keep my hands warm? So I grabbed the other pair of gloves and am fairly frustrated at this point. I go to check out and the lady dropped one of the candles I was going to purchase. She then had he nerve to look at me and say "did you want that" Ummm your kidding right? I procede to get into an argument with her about how yes I did want it, no I'm not walking back there and getting another one because your the idiot that broke it you walk back there and get it. Back and forth blah blah blah and then her supervisor walks up and asks what is wrong. The lady said "this lady wants another candle and doesn't want to walk back and get it herself" like somehow it was me causing the trouble and that I just didn't grab more and now I wanted more. I told the supervisor "because she dropped the candle I did bring up to her and broke it" the supervisor tells the lady to go grab another one. The lady actually looked her supervisor in the eye and said "but I have all this glass to clean up, can't she just walk back there and get a new one?" I'm thinkin that lady is in big big trouble her supervisor did not look too happy!

Meijer- Went 2 days ago and for some reason the scanners weren't ringing things up properly at all. $14.99 item is ringing up as $16.99. I pointed it out to the cashier and he told me that the prices were correct. I showed him the item and the tag on the item that showed the price and he still proceeded to argue with me. I went to customer service and talked to them and I was right, that register was bad and they told that fool to use a different register earlier in the day.

Walmart- Last week went to do some Christmas shopping and found 2 little old bitties in the isle arguing over a barbie doll. "It's mine" "No it's mine" back and forth. An employee comes over and asked the ladies what the problem was, they both said "It's mine, she took it from my cart" "No I didn't I grabbed it off the shelf". Meanwhile there are like 20 identical barbie dolls sitting right by the employees head and yet she doesn't point it out to the ladies? People it's a barbie doll, it can't be that important they only make like 150 different styles! WTH?

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