Jan 2, 2009

Happy new year

Happy new year to everyone!! I am sorry I haven't had a chance to post in awhile. The worm is home from daycare and I'm off of school. We have been busy making a mess of the house and pretending it doesn't exist. I've got all these thoughts going through my head and I keep saying "I need to blog about that" and darn it if it doesn't fall right out of my head before I can get to a computer. Well here is yet another long post because I need to get caught up and it's easier to just post everything here. (Ok, not everything will need to post some more about interesting things that have poped into my head).

New years resolutions- clean the house! After the past year of being way to busy everything is out of place and I really need to go through every drawer, closet and cupboard and clean and put things away where they belong. I have no motivation for this project it seems like work and work is not fun. Loose weight. Yes everyone always says this, but honestly I've never really tried before so hopefully I can be that 1 person in a million who makes this their resolution and actually sticks to it. I've always been happy with my body and just accepted it. I'm the person who thinks that the fatty foods are good for you because they help your mood rather than restricting yourself and walking around hungry. Well lately I'm feeling more tired, a tad depressed, lack all energy, and generally protest things that make me have to move. Yeah it's a problem! I've never been the type to be this lazy, lazy yes but not so lazy that I don't want to do laundry because I don't feel like walking down the steps! I typically boycot laundry because I don't like to fold it, but not for phyiscal reasons. Now the plan.... to loose the 100lbs that is hanging onto my body. Ok, so perhaps not 100lbs but mightly close to it. No goal weight in mind, just want to eat healthy and work out daily even if it's just a 30 minute walk on the treadmill downstairs while watching tv.

Christmas stuff- Awesome Christmas, way too many presents. A got tons of games and such all of them super cool. The best presents of the year if you have munchkins.... any of the blueorange games! Hyperdash, it gets kids off their butts and makes them run around which is awesome. This is also a good game for adults who have had too much to drink. Add some hard wood floors and socks to these drunken people running all over and trying to beat eachothers time and it's a recipe for the funniest game ever! Nothing like a holiday spent watching your dear loved ones fall on their butts! Last word, another good adult game (not going into details, trust me and try it!)

Animal stuff- My dogs are stupid and it's funny! Gidget has found her tail, Rocco looks at her like she has lost her mind. I know he's secretly wishing he too had a tail. More important news.... the betta fish finally died!! Seriously within 2 days of eachother. They were 6 years old and I was seriously thinking I was going to have to put them in my will, well guess what they are gone! FINALLY!!! Stupid things! Betta are not meant to last that long especially if you don't ever feed them or clean their tanks!

Friend stuff- C has new foster kids, they have some major behavior stuff going on way above and beyond what I can help with. I went over to help her de-lice (I know you all love it when I talk about those critters and make your heads itch like crazy at the mear mention of them) and the oldest no joke walked outside without his coat on in the cold and sat down in the snow covered yard. WTH!! He's 8!!! I can't go into details (stupid confidentiality) but those that know C can you please send her a little care package with some booze, tylenol and duct tape! O wait scratch the duct tape the agency frowns on that just send her some good vibes. They are all "alphabet soup" with things such as FAS, RAD, PTSD, ODD, OCD, and ADHD. Yeah for more RADish kids.... STUPID BIO'S!! I want so badly to smack them sometimes! To everyone I didn't see on New Years.... you all suck and should have come over you missed the best party!! Haha j/k

Life stuff- Have some MAJOR insomina going on again, men stink, the village idiot has hit an all time low or is it high with his stupid antics, and other than that it's smooth sailing.

I should really make a resolution to actually blog things and remember to hit the publish button huh!

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