Jan 7, 2009


Old Baby clothes!!

Everyone has them, no one can part with them. Yes you can get rid of most of the kids old clothes, but some of them you just can't bring yourself to part with them. The outfit they were brought home in the hospital. The outfit they wore for their first pictures, the one that great aunt so and so made and he wore it all the time, ect. Well I make quilts out of my kids old baby clothes. The worm has his with the newborn outfit he wore home from the hospital in the center so you can see how tiny he was and pieces of the other fabric scattered around it. Every one of my foster kids that has left me I have made one for them also. A way to have the clothes and the memories without the boxes in the basement.

Granted I LOVE to sew I find it relaxing, but there are several places online that will make these for you. I have seen some major price differences though some are $600 others are $200 and the ones on ebay look cheap and weird but they are only $60ish. Please shop around don't pay $600 for a quilt it's really not worth it no matter how cute the end result is! If you want one made I can make one for you (depending on how many people email me). I'm running out of sewing projects as it is and sewing is relaxing for me so I kind of need new projects. You will need around 25 outfits (unless they are bigger kid outfits) to make a throw sized blanket though. My average price depending on how big it would be is around $100. Some less some more, details could be worked out later. If you do a good internet search though you might be able to find someone near you or ask your dear aunt Sally to make one and get a better deal because of shipping costs.

BTW: To my friends, I'm sorry I brought this up on my blog before asking if you wanted one made first, but my mind is mush and it's Wed. so I must post something. {{HUGS}} and please don't hate me!

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