Jan 5, 2009

Runny babbit: a billy sook

The worm: Hey mommy can you read me a book?
Me: Sure babe, but wouldn't you rather your uncle G read that to you?
The worm: Yeah mommy I like that idea. Hey uncle G can you read me a book?
G: Giving me a dirty look because he dislikes all children even though he tolerates the worm "sure buddy what book should we read?"
Me: Hey worm go grab your bunny book.
The worm: Yeah mommy I Love that book!

G Opens the book and starts to read, only it's runny babbit and if you don't own runny babbit your missing out on all kinds of fun! The kids love it and it's slightly more "fun" to read because you can't just mindlessly read it. Why you ask? Here is why....

Runny fad a hamily- Matter of fact, he had a sother and two bristers, a dummy and a mad. His mamma fed him marrot cilk and parrot cie and such, And all of them were happy in their cozy hunny butch.

The book
is even better when you can convince unsuspecting relatives to read it to your children so you can laugh. So find your hippy brother as I have and hand him this book to read to your munchkins. It's fun for all and especially fun for the parents of the children giggling in the next room while your busy laughing at poor person who got suckered into reading this book. BTW: This is a long book with many little stories in it. If you start reading it make sure you have to "get up to stir dinner" at some point don't give yourself too much time or your brain will spin from reading so much of this runny babbit talk!

Who needs prozak when you can sucker relatives into making you laugh!

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