Jan 29, 2009

The worm does it again

So my 4 year old says the best things! I keep him around for cheap entertainment. They say the best cure for anything is laughter, well he has me falling off my chair laughing 100 times a day.

Garage Sale:
Grandma asked mom when she was planning on having a garage sale this year? The worm looked at grandma and said "why would anyone sell a perfectly good garage?"

Our new president:
After the inauguration I asked the worm who our new president was and he told me Rocco Bama. I tried several times to explain to him that his name is Barack Obama but it didn't matter. When you have a dog named Rocco it's just too easy to say Rocco Bama instead of Barack Obama.

I then tried to explain to him that the Obama's were moving into the white house. The worm informs me that "people don't live there mommy that is an office building like where my papa works". I explained that there are offices and living spaces in that building. He looked me dead in my eye and said "mommy your lying if they lived there where would they put the noble office?" I explained that it's the Oval office and he informs me that rooms can't be shaped like that and that I'm again lying to him because he knows it's the noble office because you have to be noble to work there. (I think we need to stop messing with the boy because he always assumes we are lying to him).

Then the best part.......
My mom asked him who the president was and again he replied Rocco Bama. My step dad who is a die hard republican asked him "what happend to the last president?"

The worms response....... O it's so wonderful!!

"He's an idiot!"

When asked why he is an idiot the worm said "If he wasn't an idiot he wouldn't have lost his job".

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