Jan 13, 2009

Therapy bills will soon follow

My kid says some off the wall things, but this time I felt so bad for the little guy. I wonder just how much this incident will cost him in therapy.

The worm: Mommy when I'm a daddy. . . . as he trails off saying something about not making his kids eat veggies

Me: What did you say babe

The worm: When I'm a daddy

Me: cutting him off.... babe you have to first grow up and get big, then you will need to finish college and then find a girl and get married before you can be a daddy

The worm: Mommy will you help me find a girl?

Me: Honey that is something every man has to do for himself.

The worm: Bursting into tears But mommy if I go to find a girl what if I can't find my way back home again? I would be lost.

Me: O my goodness what have I done? I just broke my poor babies little heart!

Seriously my little guy thinks that he will have to wander the city to find himself a girl in order to be a daddy and that he won't ever find his way back home to me. I want to cry with him!

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