Mar 2, 2009

Screen names

I was just talking to a friend of mine about screen names. It's weird how people end up with several different screen names depending on what site they are using. I know I use alot of different ones, but they are all variations of the same thing over and over again. Hers are off the wall weird! lol Perhaps I am just not creative enough?? My screen names typically involved the worm (lovinmyworm) or a variation of the nickname my friends dad calls me (bubbles) so I end up with 223bubbles (my bday and bubbles) or stphbubbles (part of my first name and bubbles). Her screen names though come from her favorite books, movies, random letters and numbers no one could possibly understand, ect. I was trying to figure out exactly how she came up with her 4598tsrt name because nothing about it made sense to me. Yeah she informed me she had a major mind blank and just typed in something random. Umm if you have a mind blank then how do you remember random numbers and letters like that? My brain is dumb and can't possibly do that!

Anyone else care to explain exactly how you got your screen names? We can talk about passwords next lol.

Seriously I do want to talk about passwords, why do some people choose to use something that everyone is going to know like the name of their dog, their kids, their address, or a stupid 1234 sort of thing? Can we not just think of something no one is going to guess? Something like seaturtleshateme? See no one would ever guess that! No instead they want to say "my account was hacked and I don't know why" when questioning them they tell you that their password is their husbands date of birth and if you knew this person for more than say 2 days you likely know that information. Even funnier is when her account was hacked the day after she posted it was her hubby's birthday. So in short please be smart people! This online thing isn't secret, it isn't private and everyone if they care to will know your buisness by the wonderful world of google!

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